"Met Your Match" was the first song recorded by Chase Bell & White Licorish in 2012. The intro line of electric guitar coupled with a sax is the real “catch” of the song. In this, as in many other songs of ours, we played with dynamics which resembles our live presence.

This song features Anna Calderini singing an improvised section, Manuel Magrini as he creates a latinized solo, and Augusto Castriota on his sax. “Met Your Match” has been featured on Radio Uno as a single and has received over 100,000 votes on the program "Demo."

1st song on SkyWords.


Check out the Sneak Peek into the EP "I know U U know Me" on Youtube!

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"Town Of The Soul" is our mystical and spiritual masterpiece. It is the only song not written by Chase Bell, instead it was written by Vincent Verderosa, his uncle. Filmactic, dramatic, soothing, and powerful, this song has real meaning behind it. The photo is of Castelluccio, a small town only a few miles away from Ten People Town Studio where the album was recorded. The music video will be released soon directed by Milan Marsauche

"He might say its like a giant ocean embracing every drop of rain, or like a fish searching for water as he swims his life in vain."

6th Song on SkyWords.

"An Artist" has to build his vision out of thin-air, and it's likely that things won't fly as planned but when the artist adjusts to the wind there is no telling how high and for how long he will fly. This song is the story that Chase has lived through and his band's journey adjusting to that wind. The Bar-Code Artwork was made by NickPawson.

"I thought I would be making it loud, I thought I'd be famous by now, I thought I would make my own sounds instead to earth I'm still bound, cause I'm an artist who's starving now."

5th song on SkyWords.

"Drummer Inside" is the 2013 Winner of the Radio Rai Uno contest "demo" with over 20,000 votes!

Too often do we listen to the mind instead of our heart who's message is simply: Keep On Keepin' on.

"The only thing that I did wrong was to not listen to my hearts beating, the rhythm of life, that keeps us alive, the drummer inside who tells me to keep on keepin' on."

3rd song on SkyWords.

“Enough Of Me” was written and recorded in the space of 2 months in the summer of 2012, its about what happens when one half of a relationship changes and the other half remains the same. Rome's un-shakable marble of ancient times alongside buildings of all other periods reflects the love drama which many couples go through. The band took this song and made it their own while keeping the initial songwriter style intact. Male and female vocals intertwine around the chorus in this meloncholic yet sweet love song. 

"Now you've had enough but before you couldn't get enough of me."

2nd song on SkyWords.

"You Are The Sun" Is the song that coined the album's title, "Skywords." A pop/rock song with an airy feel and a relaxed atmosphere.
Second Music Video from CBandWL produced by Green Birdie Studios. Uploaded November 2012.

"...all I need to be inspired is to look higher, skywards..."

9th song on SkyWords.

"Happy Anyway" Music Video recorded in Rome, Italy. First Music Video from CBandWL produced by Green Birdie Studios. Uploaded August 2012.

"One step forward is two steps behind, but I won't let that control my life, I'm gonna be happy anyway im gonna appreciate the space in between where I am and where I wanna be."

4th song on SkyWords.

"Whats It Like" Originally recorded in 2010 in Chase Bell's first EP "In London." This song has become completely transformed into an easy listening groove peice, with a hint of meancholy. 

8th song on SkyWords.

Chase Bell performs the song, "Happy Anyway" on Italain Tv while promoting a charity show organized by "Forza di Vivere" which raises funds for the research into a cure for PSP in Italy. September 2013.

"Forza di Vivere" is a charity association created by Alessia Bonacci and Chase Bell in 2011. It has successfully raised money for the sufferers of PSP and the research into a cure for the disease. Facebook Page Here


An indie pop/rock group that performs original music which is based in Central Italy. Chase Bell, the band’s principal songwriter and lead singer, formed the group after searching the region for their best musicians for a 2012 charity concert to raise funds for “PSP” - Paralysis Super Nuclear Palsy, which Chase produced with accomplished Italian actress/performer Alessia Bonacci.

After numerous performances in Rome and the Umbria Region (located between Rome and Florence), Chase Bell & White Licorish recorded their first album, “SkyWords,” which in 2012 won second place in a nationwide music contest on Radio Uno (one of the largest radio stations in Italy) with their seventies funk song “Met Your Match.” In 2013, the band won first place in the contest with their bluesy anthemic “Drummer Inside.” The live recorded acoustic version of their harmonically enticing “A Boy,” one of nine tracks on the album, was featured in the award winning indie film “Life Inside Out” in 2013.

See the live recorded acoustic version of their song “A Boy” on their Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/chasebellandwhitelicorish

See their youtube videos shot in Rome and the Umbria region of Italy. https://www.youtube.com/user/cbellandwlicorish

Get more info on each member of the band Chase Bell and White Licorish via www.chasebell.com.

Chase Bell Info: chasesterlingbell@gmail.com, chasebellandwhitelicorish@gmail.com. Telephone: (908) 752-5604.
Chase Bell & White Licorish 

EPK 2014.

“I know U U know Me”  Featuring Emma Bell and Darius Campo.  

EP Pre release August 18th via Band Camp.

Full Release September 1st via iTunes and distributers.

“I know U U know Me” is CB&WL’s second musical release.

Chase Bell: (featured on all songs)

Chase Bell, the American who got lost in Europe for a time, has found himself in his second Ep. While Chase’s haunting melodies and engaging prose captivated in his Italian band CB&WL’s first cd “SkyWords” published last year (2013), Chase’s latest EP’s mature pop stylings are even more catchy and memorable. 

White Licorish: (featured on all songs)

White Licorish consists of seven extremely talented and dedicated musicians from the Umbria Region of Italy. On this Ep their musical stylings meld together into a powerful blend of harmony, with each member contributing their own unique contribution.  At this writing the band has been together for two plus years. They are a polished indie rock band with unlimited commercial upscale potential. 

Emma Bell: (featured on all songs except “Hear You There”)

Accomplished actress Emma Bell ( “Dallas,” “The Walking Dead,” “Final Destination 5” ) is featured on 4 of the 5 songs on the EP, and truly shines as a lead vocalist on “Savior,” “Cats & Dogs,” and “Paint The Wind.” This EP truly shows off her multi-talented persona. She has a soulful and delicate, heartfelt sound, and is a great match to her brother’s unique tenor qualities during their enchanting duets.

Darius Campo: (Featured on “Savior”)

A prolific composer and well know L.A. studio violinist, Darius Campo is one of the most recorded musicians on earth, having performed his big scale musical sounds on such well known films as “The Lord of The Rings Trilogy,” “Life of Pi” and “Transformers.” On “Savior,” Darius has composed and performed a powerful string ensemble of violins, violas, and cellos that make this love song a powerful listening experience. 

All Together Now:

With the added personality of Emma’s vocals, the blossoming of Chase’s song writing, and the unique and cultivated sound of the band, the EP “I know U U know Me” by CB&WL is a collection of five impressive and lovable songs.

For more information contact chasebellandwhitelicorish@gmail.com www.chasebell.com