Chase Bell – Where My Heart Leads

With the upcoming release of new singles like "Live Easy" and an Ep called Where My Heart Leads, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chase Bell is primed to take his place as one of the premier pop songwriters and artists of the day. The nine cuts on the set (three studio tracks and six acoustic numbers) brim with instantly catchy hooks, rousing vocals and brilliantly evocative narratives that easily lodge their way in the thicket of listeners’ senses – and stay there.


“In many ways, I feel as if this EP is the summation of where I’ve always been headed as a musician and performer,” says Bell, who underscores this belief in the transporting, deep-grooving anthem “Follow.” “That song is about how my heart has always guided me in life. It’s based around the idea that your mind isn’t always doing the real work for you; it’s what’s in your heart that counts. That’s where the bigger energy exists. If you can just get out of your head a little and follow your heart, you’ll always be on the right course.”