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Chase Bell

'Be Myself' is a song that encapsulates the life long pursuit inherit in its title, this may be why it has taken me 4 years to develop. I believe everyone understands the deep need to establish who we believe we are and cultivate ourselves into the vision we have for our own lives.


The hope of this song is that it builds confidence in the listener and a feeling of power to continue to build yourself up even when you seem to be a little strange or even are broken down from societies many boxes that seem to be thrust upon us.

As an artist with an open personality, I have very often found myself in positions where I have asked others where to go, and what to do in my life and in my artistry. This song however is the shift of perspective I found inside of me that allowed me to accept that I am in a unique position to know who I am and where I want to be and so I should first and foremost ask myself these deep questions and find direction from within.


The song 'Be Myself' was written on an acoustic guitar and maintaining that simplicity is important to me, because the song is strong willed and versatile, just like its writers. 

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